Library to Door Delivery

To sign up for delivery, 

please call the Library at (207) 929-3911 

or email Gus at

You will provide the following information and answer the following questions, either over the phone or via email:

Your name

Your address

Your phone number

Do you have a Hollis Center Public Library card?

The name of an additional contact person and his/her phone number (just in case we are unable to reach you)

What kind of materials would you like us to bring you? Select one or more categories from the list.

What types of books/movies do you like? Select one or more categories from the list.

Favorite authors, if any

Authors, genres or subject areas you do not like

Are you interested in borrowing eBooks and eAudiobooks?

Any other reading interests?

Library materials will then be selected for you based on your answers. All library materials are available for delivery. 

All materials are checked out for two weeks and can be renewed twice (for a total of six weeks) if there are no other patron requests for them. 

There is no limit on the number of items that can be checked out (within reason) except for DVDs, which are limited to 4 per family at one time.

A volunteer will deliver and pick up your desired materials on the first and third Wednesday of the month.