Weekly Grab Bags

Starting October 10, the Library will have grab bags of books for sale.

Each week, there will be different grab bags. New grab bags will be available every Saturday.

Each bag will contain book sale quality books of various genres and themes.

See below for weekly genres and themes.

Bags will either contain adult books, young adult books, or children's books, and may contain both fiction and nonfiction in their respective categories.

Each grab bag costs $10.

Call or email the Library for more information or to purchase a bag.

Weekly Genres and Themes:

October 16 - October 23:

  • Bag 1 (Adult Fiction/Nonfiction): Lee Child

  • Bag 2 (Adult Nonfiction): Old books

  • Bag 3 (Junior Fiction): adventure, animals, friendship, spooky, talent

  • Bag 4 (Junior Nonfiction): biographies, Shakers, history/places

  • Bag 5 (Picture Books): animals, Disney, feelings, Hot Wheels, Lego, math, Nickelodeon, stuffies, trains

  • Bag 6 (Early Readers): sets, alphabet, apples, animals, comedy, dinosaurs, fire trucks, math, school, songs, sports, trains, teeth, sledding

October 24 - October 30:

  • Bag 1 (Adult Fiction/Nonfiction): TBD

  • Bag 2 (Adult Nonfiction): TBD

  • Bag 3 (Young Adult Fiction): TBD

  • Bag 4 (Junior Fiction): TBD

  • Bag 5 (Junior Nonfiction): TBD

  • Bag 6 (Picture Books): TBD