Hollis Center Public Library

Current Announcements

The Hollis Center Public Library will be having a book sale/bake sale/craft and vendor fair, as well as a raffle, on Sunday, June 24, from 10am-3pm. (The rain date is Sunday, July 1, from 10am-3pm). We are looking for volunteers to man the cash station and food table. If you are a crafter or vendor, you may call the Library at 929-3911 to reserve a space. Spaces are $20. (Tables, chairs, and canopies are not included). Please send payment to: Hollis Center Public Library, P.O. Box 119, Hollis Center, ME, 04042. We kindly ask that all crafters and vendors donate an item of their choice to the raffle. We are looking for 1 vendor per home sales (for example, 1 Scentsy and 1 Tupperware). Spaces for vendors are first come, first serve, and payment should be received by the Library no later than 3 days after reserving a space. Otherwise, the space goes to the next vendor who sells the same goods. (For example, if there are 2 Scentsy vendors who are interested in reserving a space, but the Library hasn't received the first Scentsy vendor's $20 payment within 3 days of reserving the space, the 1st Scentsy vendor forfeits his or her space and the second Scentsy vendor may reserve the space if desired). We look forward to working with you!

The STEM program for homeschool kids will no longer be happening. We are still exploring the idea of a Facebook message board so the instructor can post lessons and the students can voice their questions. Stay tuned for a possible book club for homeschoolers in the fall.

Additional volunteers are always welcome! Check out the volunteering section on the Services & Information page.