Hollis Center Public Library

Current Announcements

The summer reading program ends today, but the raffle table remains open until Saturday, September 8! Visit the library to get your last raffle tickets before then!

The library adopted new hours that started August 6th. The library is now open:

  • Monday 9:30am-12:30pm, 3-7pm
  • Wednesday 2-7pm
  • Friday 10am-2pm
  • Saturday 10am-4pm

Summer reading programs for kids, teens, and adults are underway! All ages get raffle tickets for reading and attending programs. We have a separate raffle for children, teens and adults (with several items for each raffle), and will be drawing names at the end of the programs in August. Children and teens who are registered for summer reading may also choose a free book to keep each time they visit the library.

Children entering grades up to second or homeschool equivalent receive a “clothespin” reading log that they can decorate as they read or are read to. Every paper clothing item counts as one book the child read, one book read to the child, or a set number of minutes decided by the child and guardian(s). They receive 1 raffle ticket for each paper clothing item they decorate. They also receive 1 raffle ticket for each program they attend. Children entering grades fourth and fifth or homeschool equivalent receive puzzle pieces for each book or number of minutes they read. They receive 1 raffle ticket for each puzzle piece they decorate. They also receive 1 raffle ticket for each program they attend. Children entering third grade or homeschool equivalent may choose to do either the clothesline or the puzzle.

Teens entering grades 6-12 or homeschool equivalent will receive a bingo board. For every square they complete, they get 1 raffle ticket. For every Bingo a teen gets, he or she gets an additional 5 raffle tickets.

Adults can attend programs or write 3-sentence reviews to earn 1 raffle ticket each. Adults can earn up to 9 raffle tickets by participating in the Read ME program. Read ME is a statewide program presented by the Maine Humanities Council (in partnership with the Maine State Library) that encourages adults all across Maine to read the same books - by Maine authors and recommended by a Maine author. Paul Doiron chose the books this year, and his recommendations are: River Talk by CB Anderson and Settled in the Wild: Notes from the Edge of Town by Susan Hand Shetterly. Adults receive 3 raffle tickets each for reading River Talk and Settled in the Wild: Notes from the Edge of Town. Adults also receive 3 raffle tickets if they listen to the live presentation of the two authors on Wednesday, August 22 on NPR from 1-2pm.

The STEM program for homeschool kids will no longer be happening. We are still exploring the idea of a Facebook message board so the instructor can post lessons and the students can voice their questions. Stay tuned for a possible book club for homeschoolers in the fall.

Additional volunteers are always welcome! Check out the volunteering section on the Services & Information page.